Treatments for the Athlete Professional or Amateur

When you need to get that bit extra from your body, rehabilitate an injury or shake out aching muscles then I have a range of therapies that I use in my sessions.

Using soft tissue therapies, joint and spinal mobilisations and working with breathing techniques and exercise therapy we'll get your performing at the next level.

Fantastic Range of Treatments

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Treatments for fantastic pain relief, range and function

Myofascial treatments involve slow manipulation of the soft tissue known as fascia stimulating the nervous system to provide relaxation or easing of the tissues. Treatments can be used to affect posture, provide extra range of motion and ease chronic or acute conditions. I see great results from working the fascia especially when used in conjunction with my other treatments.

Acupressure, Dry Needling and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation

After training in acupressure to activate muscles in clients I have seen amazing results. By applying pressure around the body the body can be primed and muscle activation dysfunction addressed. This is particularly great for relieving lower back pain in running, releasing the hamstrings and tackling calf pain.

I also offer dry needling for pain relief and work with tools where beneficial for added fascial stimulation.

Variety of Treatments

Massage & Tape

Taping and Strapping

For those looking at support following injury or wanting to explore the benefits of kinesiology taping then this, and traditaional zinc taping is offered as part of the session or can also be booked for pre-event or competition.

Adam Broadhead MBPsS CST

I'm a Sports Therapist with an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Sports Therapy and Applied Psychology graduate.
CNHC • Enhanced DBS
I've a passion for promoting personal growth and helping clients succeed.
Having trained in martial arts since the 1990's and bring in different breathing exercises and movements to my treatments as well as my one 2 one and club sessions.
I've worked with pro athletes and amatuers looking to break through as well as non-athletes of all ages.