Mindful, Mindset and Visualisation
Re-connecting your mind with your body

To many the idea of sitting and focussing using breathing, visualisation and mindful techniques is something that is alien in the sporting landscape, however working with these techniques is not only beneficial but it is now gaining in popularity at elite level and they are seeing the performance rewards

"I contacted Adam to assist my 8 year old son who was struggling to deal with the mental side of high level competition in tennis. Through a mixture of psychology and meditation, my son made a remarkable turnaround, such that the mental side of sport has become his biggest strength from being his biggest weakness. Adam is a great innovator, adapting his techniques to any sport and clients of any age. He is very approachable, empathetic and keen to get the best results for clients."
Z. Thompson

The power of calm

Sport is often a very quick, jumbled arena of many fast-paced things coming at you both physically and mentally and challenging you to make equally as quick, if not faster, judgements and decisions. By using simple techniques of focus, breathing and awareness that jumbled mess can become more organised, decisions can be given freedom to be made quickly and effectively.

Embodied Cognition: movement isn't all about the muscle

Have you ever been told that you need to think positive to achieve what you want? To think that you can win to win?
I've come across this quite often and it can build a very win focussed mentality. Not always a bad thing but it isn't always the best motivation or the best method of altering your performance.
Thinking positive isn't just about the grand scheme of things, not only about thinking about the whole outcome, for example winning the match, but also about each small element, making the pass, reaching the ball, striking with the right punch, anticipating.
Thoughts become actions, so get the thoughts right and the actions will be right.
Working with visualisations, sinking movements into almost instinct, releasing thoughts to be used efficiently, all will impact your game.

Take back control

Stress can play a positive role in performance but sometimes anxiety and stress can creep in to levels which are having a negative impact on your game. You may also be suffering with insomnia or it may affect your eating behaviour. Performance pressure can impact your psychological state and you may find that depression is now in your life.
I can work one to one with you helping you gain back control and easing those symptoms so you can perform how you want to and in a way that you want to on and off the field.

Adam Broadhead MBPsS CST

I'm a Sports Therapist with an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Sports Therapy and Applied Psychology graduate.
CNHC • Enhanced DBS
I've a passion for promoting personal growth and helping clients succeed.
Having trained in martial arts since the 1990's and bring in different breathing exercises and movements to my treatments as well as my one 2 one and club sessions.
I've worked with pro athletes and amatuers looking to break through as well as non-athletes of all ages.